Southwest Junior High

Southwest Junior High

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Course Titles and Descriptions
Century and Southwest Junior High School

The FACS Track! (Grade 7 and 8) 
What’s for dinner?  My button fell off.  How should I spend my money?  Do you ever find yourself in these situations?  The FACS Track will give the tools you need to answer these questions and more!  Students will explore the areas in Family and Consumer Sciences of Foods and Nutrition, Sewing, and Consumerism by preparing recipes in the classroom kitchens, producing a hand sewing project and running a small business.

Get the FACS! (Grade 7 and 8)
Should I paint my room red? How can I best get along with others? Why are people different from me?  How can I be a responsible babysitter? Get the FACS will give you the tools you need to answer these questions and more! Students will explore the areas in Family and Consumer Sciences of Interior Design, Interpersonal Relationships, Cultures, and Child Development.

Let’s Eat! (Grade 8)
Food, food and more food! Let’s Eat explores how to plan and prepare a well-balanced meal. Students will learn food preparation and meal planning strategies through experiences in the kitchens.

Sew What? (Grade 8) 
What should I sew? A new bag or maybe even a stuffed animal? Through developing and practicing basic sewing techniques, students will produce several projects.  Students will have the opportunity to choose projects to meet their own needs, interests, and ability level.

Teen Chef (Grade 9)
What makes popcorn pop?  Why does bread rise?  Ever wonder what all of those ingredients are in your food and what they do?  Students will examine why foods change when heated, frozen, or mixed together by preparing a variety of recipes within the major food groups.

Sew Stylin’! (Grade 9) 
Learn how to make fashion your own.  Through the use of patterns, students will sew garments and create projects reflecting current fashion fads and trends.  Have fun taking what’s in your closet, alter or embellish clothing items and accessories to make it new again.

Cultures & You (Grade 9)
Students will investigate family structures and dynamics and how they fit within society. This course examines cultures around the world along with food, housing, and clothing. Through a variety of classroom experiences, students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding and awareness of cultural diversity.