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7th Grade Science Courses


Life Science (Science, semester, grade 7)
Students will have laboratory and activity periods combined with classroom discussions as they study living things. Topics will include the characteristics and needs of all life forms, along with the basics of their reproduction and the genetic laws governing their heredity. Cell structure and microorganisms will also be studied with the microscope.

A theme of interdependence will be stressed as ecology concepts are learned. In this unit they will also discover how scientific research is conducted by actually doing it. After developing questions about a part of an ecosystem that interests them, they will design their own experiments and collect the data they need to find their own answers.

Minnesota Academic Standards in Science
are currently in draft form. 


8th Grade Science Courses


Earth Science (Science, 1 year, grade 8)
Students will learn about the four basic areas of earth science. In the geology unit, students will study rock and mineral identification, weathering and erosion, plate tectonics and the earth's history. Meteorology, and astronomy are two areas of further exploration. Oceanography is the fourth area studied.


9th Grade Science Courses


Introduction to Physical Science A (Science, semester, grade 9)
This course introduces the student to basic concepts in physical science. The topics may include: atomic theory of matter, mass, volume, density, changes of state, and separation of mixtures. Students will use data collected during investigations of these topics to meet the standard in Introduction to
Physical Science II.

Introduction to Physical Science B (Science, semester, grade 9)
This course introduces the student to basic concepts in physical science. Topics may include: forces and motion, electricity, light, optics, and sound. These topics will provide the framework within which students will investigate questions related to the history and development of scientific concepts.

Advanced Physical Science - Explorations (Science, semester, grade 9)
Science Exploration is a course designed for the student who has high interest in the science area. The subject can be biology, geology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, or any other scientific study. Students must have a desire and an ability to work alone and accept the responsibility that goes with this privilege. Your science grades should have been "A" or "B", but if your interest is exceptional, you could still be accepted with "C" grades.
Selection will be based on class rank. By application only.